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On my chanel, there are so many contents in english lang! Here three videos about my 3d reconstruction with the voice of English teacher Silvia Natali

Insulae of Diana

Hello! English version of the video for my students and for all people that love Flipped Prof in the world, Diana Insulae in Ostia Antica lesson. Thanks to Silvia Natali for translation and the voice, 3d reconstruction and animations by Flipped Prof Marco Mellace, thx for sharing!

Syracusia, the colossus of the sea

Thx to Andreas for the support on the search and Silvia for the voice and translation 3d reconstruction video created illustrated and animated by Flipped Prof Marco Mellace. Thx for sharing! Syracusia the colossus of the sea. Syracusia was probably one of the greatest mean of transport of the ancient world. It was built in 240 BC and it was a truly eighthwonder of the antiquity, an amazing project. Here we are, close to the port of Kroton, the great and powerful city of Magna Graecia which gave support to Hannibal during the II Punic war. The project of the creation of Syracusia was made by a man who was both witness and victim of the II Punic war. His name is Archimedes of Syracuse, a very talented mathematician and inventor who made it very hard for Rome to conquer the great Greek power Syracuse, the Sicilian city. Archimedes built this ancient ship over 100 meters long, equipped with gyms, garden cabins and temples like the one that can be seen in this 3D reconstruction. Syracusia was indeed a floating giant and of course such a large and luxurious ship had to travel safely. In fact, Archimedes left nothing to chance. The ship was equipped with two catapults and a large ballista always set ready to defend the passengers in case of pirate or enemy attack. Archimedes designed the ship and the building was entrusted to Archia di Corinto by order of Gerone of Syracuse. The ship could accommodate up to 500 people including soldiers and civilians and it was equipped with cabins of all sizes, just like today's cruise ships. To strengthen the defences of the ship it was also equipped with eight turrets and the temple was dedicated to Aphrodite. The three imposing main masts guaranteed the mighty ship a certain manoeuvrability despite its size and it was endowed with a full-bodied number of attached units employed to row in the lower part of the nava through a classic trireme system. On both sides the ship was lined with lead to prevent ramming with other ships. Inside there was a library too. Subsequently, Syracusia was given to King Ptolemy III of Egypt so it was renamed Alexandria.

The House of Augustus (36 BC -12 BC) 3d reconstruction and Flipped Classroom

As promised for the students of the world and for all people that love Flipped Prof in the world, The house of Augustus 36 BC 12 BC in English lang,. Thx to my co-Worker Silvia Natali for the voice on this video